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The Application Of Pleating Machine

Date: 2020-01-08   Visits:705

Speaking of clothing, you must be very understanding, because it is indispensable in life necessities, clothing of tens of thousands of style, but you know so much how the style of clothes made of? Perhaps you only know that it is made of textile, actually do clothes also need a lot of time and processing, in clothes add some characteristics, for example, using pleating machine will smooth the appearance of the fabric to make fold, more popular among the consumers, let's take a look at the role of pleating machine what else?

The crimping machine is used to control the measurement of the needle bar and eliminate the oil leakage. Upper and lower silicone oil device to prevent needle heating and wire breakage. Single needle pleating machine is a kind of pleating machine, which can be sewn into two colors of ordinary fabric and sewn together with two colors. Beautiful and easy to sew. Its size, fine adjustable range and good decorative effect. Simple structure, operation, easy maintenance. Application: suitable for sewing thin or medium thick decorative car. For example: women's fashion tops, skirts, children's clothes, etc. Shrinkage scene pleating machine mainly shrinkage and density changes between the luxury of concave and convex shape, fabric greatly increased after heat setting elastic feeling and stereo feeling, landscape design is more elegant and chic, can be used to make decorative hanging towels, cover, etc.


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